Permitting Services

For trucking businesses that cross state lines, permits are required for tax collection purposes. Lacking the proper permits or operating under ones that have expired can result in serious penalties including fines, bid delays, and even the offending truck being impounded.

Don’t let the lack of a permit prevent your drivers from taking a load. Trucking Start-Up Services LLC’ cost-effective permitting services keep the road open.

Trucking Start-Up Services can help your startup with the following Permitting Services:

  • Temporary Trip Permits
  • Temporary Fuel Permits
  • Oversize (Dimension) Permits
  • Overweight Permits
  • Kentucky Highway Use Tax (KYU)
  • New Mexico Weight Distance
  • New York Highway Use Tax (NYHUT)
  • Oregon Highway Use Tax
  • Hazardous Materials Permits

Save money, save time, save headaches. Get the proper permits for your trucking start-up now.

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